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A boardgame inspired by "Petty warlords" war in Silas between Season 1 and Season 2. Each faction has its own style, inspired by classic RPG classes: 
-Zeta-Omega-Mu represent brutal force and melee combat of Warrior
-Summer Society represent maneuverability and range combat of Rogue
-Alchemy Club represent spellcasting abilities of Mage

With several scenarios, multiple troops, units, and abilities, and map having massive influence on every fight, this game guarantees great replayability and many tactical dilemmas. Feel free to check for yourself!

I claim no rights to Carmilla web series or any characters, this is a non profit fan project. All rights belong to their respective owners.


The Game of Silas.zip 47 MB

Install instructions

Unload contents of zip file, and follow instructions from txt files. Have fun!

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