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A little game I made by myself, inspired by Carmilla web series. It still needs a bit more balance, but its absolutely playable. Feel free to try it, and if you have any thoughts about is- please tell me! I would especially appreciate any suggestions about balance of the characters (not easy to give 11 players equal chances) and mistakes. 
I did not include tokens or dices for health points- if you don't have any, you can use coins or simply anything to for them. I hope you have fun!

I claim no rights to Carmilla web series or any characters, this is a non profit fan project. All rights belong to their respective owners.


Mysteries.zip 352 kB

Install instructions

Zip file contains elements to print (and cut some of them out):
-game board (called also track)
-action cards (two files, one for front side and one for back side, put them together to make complete cards)
-efford cards(again, two files, one for front side and one for back side)

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