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RWBY fan game, with Worms-like gameplay, and various RWBY characters to choose from when making a team. This is not yet a complete game, just a first playable proof of concept.

Current features:
-turn-based gameplay, with up to 6 teams and simple goal: destroy your opponents!
-three playable characters: Ruby, Blake and White Fang goon. Each character has multiple actions to choose from, unique to them
-three playable maps to choose from

Planned features:
-MORE characters! Ultimate goal is to include each character that appeared in the show, and maybe some additional (from other media or even fan-created)
-more maps, and option to import your own as .png file
-interactions between characters: joint attacks as well as spoken lines (I mean, isn't mid-battle banter the best way to spice-up your confrontation?)
-maybe some interesting game modes, with additional difficulties on the map? For example, that Cordovin's robot would be fun to fight against. 
-multiple quality-of-life tweaks (like time limit for turn, cause I know it's a necessity when playing with some people. You know who you are.)

Ingame controls:
-W S A D and space movement, with double W resulting in backflip and space allownig for both jump and bouncing from walls.
-1-6 chooses action. For each character actions are: 1- charge, 2- shoot, 3- melee, 4- special movement, 5- multiple shot. Each action uses set amount of action points (limited per turn), as displayed in top-left corner.
-mouse aiming, with LMB to use action/attack

Main menu:
-"New team" button ads player
-"+" button adds character to team (every character from the same team has background tile of same color) 
-clicking character's tile will change character
-you can change amount of character's aura with round "+" and "-" buttons under their tile
-you can remove character or team from game, by clicking their respective red "x" buttons
-you can change map by clicking it's preview, top right of the screen
-begin your battle by pressing "Start"


rwby_beta_0.5.zip 128 MB

Install instructions

Just extract .zip file anywhere, and run RWBY Team Fight.exe file in rwby folder.

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